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                     /                        \
                    /    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   \
      ()()  ()()   /    /                   \   \
   ()()() () ()() /    /                     \   \
   () /////////////////()                     \   \
     ()()() ()() //// ()()()()()               \   \
 ()() ()()()  ////////////////()               |   |
 () () ()()()///()()() () ///()      /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/
() ///////////////() ()()///()       / Your Name              /
 () () ()()() () ()   ()/// ()       / Your Business          /
   ()() ()() ()()()  ()///()         / Contact Number         /
                    ()///()          //////////////////////////

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It Had to Be Done

Presenting… Coachthulhu

Cthulhu by darkness

Coach by Valve Software

Did You Know… Tesla has a book now?

That’s right, kids! Step right up and get a copy of the one, the only, the, the amazing TESLA GRAPHIC NOVEL Mind Afire on Kickstarter today by Abigail Samoun and Elizabeth Haidle. You can get the e-book version of this mad scientist’s mad story for as low a $5: the biggest steal since Edison!

PRINTABLE 1/4 SHEET FLYER.....should you feel enthusiastic about spreading the word!

Incidentally, if you don’t know anything about Tesla, I highly recommend reading The Oatmeal’s handy illustrated guide to why the true inventor of the light bulb and master of electricity is worth your time.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Have a heart.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Have a heart.

Cthulhu Goes to Kigali

Cthulhu takes a vacation to visit Kigali.

Cthulhu image by darkness; Kigali image by Helaina.

Cthulhu Goes to London

Sorry bloke, the Olympics are over.

Cthulhu image by darkness; London image by Bubble Jobs.

Cthulhu Goes to New York


The apocalypse moves to New York.

Cthulhu image by darkness; NYC image by Daniel Chvatik.

Cthulhu Goes to Moscow

Cthulhu strikes again! His target? Moscow.

Cthulhu image by darkness; Moscow image by Russia Images.

P.S. If anyone wants high-res versions of the Cthulhu Travelogue series, just message me. I haven’t figured out how Tumblr makes those “see high-res” links yet, but I can upload them to imgur if people want them.

Cthulhu Goes to Oslo


Cthulhu strikes again! This time, it’s Oslo! Operahuset? It’s Cthulhu’s opera.

Cthulhu image by Hellica; Oslo image by Christopher Hagelund.

Cthulhu Goes to Paris


As the apocalypse draws nigh, I’m featuring a series of travelogue posts with Cthulhu in various major cities around the globe. Think of it as Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, but darker. Each post will feature a different Cthulhu or related Lovecraftian God in a different major city. Beware!!!

For this post, Cthulhu is terrorizing Paris. Welcome to the CthuLouvre!!!

Cthulhu image by TorinoGT; Paris image by Stefan Graman. Thanks to GIMP for being awesome. All images in the Cthulhu Travelogue series are used in parody.

The Bleating Edge: Spider Goats

Artist Conception of a Spider Goat

Move over Spider Pig: you’ve got competition. Spider Goats are the latest thing in genetics; as spider silk becomes useful for more and more applications, some mad scientists thought, “What if we took the spider silk gene and PUSHED IT SOMEWHERE ELSE?” That else is goats. The goats look, act, and presumably think (do goats think?) normally, but their milk has an extra protein that when extracted can be refined into spider silk. Welcome to the future.


Further Reading:

Did You Know… Dogs Drive Cars??!!!


It’s exactly what it looks like. Click here to watch Monty the giant schnauzer drive like a boss. This amazing display of animal intelligence has even changed New Zealand’s motto to “Not Just for Hobbits Anymore!”


It’s dumb, but fitting. :3! It looks crappy because I made it on my phone ;-;

When great things collide…


It’s dumb, but fitting. :3! It looks crappy because I made it on my phone ;-;

When great things collide…

0xxx OR Sexadecimal

So, I haven’t posted in a while, being extremely busy with school and whatnot. Thus, I present something COMPLETELY TASTELESS AHAHAHHAHA: Sexademical. Be advised: The following hex numbers are not safe for work.

    • 0x69, 0xBEEFbabeBEEF, 0xFEE7FE715, 0xB00B1E5, 0x7175, 0xA55, 0xC117, 0xBADBABE5, 0xBABEBAF, 0x1AB1A
    • 0xC0C, 0xD1C, 0xFA6, 0x6AE
    • 0xCACA, 0xFECE5, 0xD00D00 

If these intrigue you, let me know, and I’ll come up with more (which I might do anyway just for the heck of it). The moral of this story is my creativity has been drying up, and school is driving me crazy, so I’m gonna keep posting no matter what crazy 0xC12A9 pops into my mind. Enjoy!

Yea or Nay: Baman Piderman Kickstarter?

So, by now you’ve probably seen Lindsay’s post confirming that the Mayan-predicted apocalypse was in fact referring to the end of Baman Piderman, the greatest show on the Internet. Therefore, I pose the following non-rhetorical question:

Would you support Baman Piderman via Kickstarter if such a campaign were launched and it meant that the show could continue?

For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a way of investing money in projects to ensure that they are successful. The method is that the people creating the project set a monetary goal, and if that goal is reached, the project is funded, and everyone pays, but if the money falls short, the project doesn’t make the cut, and no one pays anything.

I would be happy to pledge some money to see this show continue, and if enough people feel the same, maybe we can make something of this. If not, that’s okay too; it’s been a fantastic run! There is no pressure either to Lindsay and Alex or to the community or to Mondo; this is simply an opinion poll designed to gather data. In that vein, please like, reblog, or respond to this post if you would also support a resuscitation effort via Kickstarter.

Good Times